Line to remember

I have laid flowers at the altar of rage...

PAD 27

There is anger resonating
and it unbalances the world.

PAD 26

I am drunk
on this whirlwind
called life or living.

PAD 25

I would ink my life
just the see an ending I already know.

PAD 24

I dream of you
faceless entity
and energy felt in the ether, familiar
but unknown.

PAD 23

My cells explode
multiply into a billion other pieces of me
a dividing particle
a tiny evolution under my skin.

PAD 22

When I dream
in color
I am always the heroine,
the savior; never
the saved.

PAD 21

I am the rain
drowning the city
devouring the pedestrians.

PAD 19

There's a song somewhere quiet;
playing on repeat
only your heart can hear its rhythm.

PAD 18

Even if I think about it everyday,
all day or
my daydreams have become so realistic
that I shiver walking
I will allow patience to prevail,
will allow my will the space to show-off.

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